If you think you may have BV, it’s important to be sure of the diagnosis. If you’re at all unsure, then a visit to the doctors might be in order. In general, bacterial vaginosis symptoms vary very little from woman to woman. Although there may be subtle differences, generally, of you have had BV before, [...]

Thousands of women around the world are embarrassed by vaginal odor. It has ruined their sex and relationship life. Some even so embarrassed about the problem that they didn’t even want to talk to their doctor about it. They hope able to hide away from the world until this odor is gone, but you know [...]

Sometimes it can seem really hard being a woman. What with periods, pregnancies and our various body issues its no wonder that we can occasionally feel fed up! One rather common yet very annoying problems which we often experience is having bad smelling vaginal discharge. Treatment for foul vaginal odor can be quite simple and [...]

Studies show that one in 3 women will get infected with Bacterial Vaginosis at some point during their lives. The Bacterial Vaginosis symptoms aren’t the most pleasant symptoms especially in your dating or in a relationship. It is also very important to remember that some women do not show signs of any symptoms when infected [...]

Women face a whole host of personal issues that men just never have to think about. Many of them are incredibly pleasant like experiencing pregnancy and giving birth. Others are a bit more of a challenge and that includes things like menstrual cramps and vaginal discharge and odor. Knowing how to get rid of vaginal [...]

There are many home remedies available for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. It’s true that antibiotics are often prescribed for this condition but it’s also true that intolerance to antibiotics is possible if they’re used too often. It’s also important to get to the root of the problem to make sure that it doesn’t come [...]

There are several home treatments for bacterial vaginosis. The vagina is made up of different kinds of bacteria some good, some bad. Usually there’s a lot more beneficial bacteria present. But if this natural balance is altered, this infection might occur. This condition is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age. Natural [...]

If you suffer from the yeast infection and a painful urination problem, you need to take the medical assistance from the doctor or the healthcare provider. You should opt for the clinical test for the early detection of the yeast contagion in the vagina. Candida albicans bacteria are responsible for the yeast infection. Due to [...]

Vaginitis or candidiasis of the perineum or vagina is very common. The majority of women will develop at least one episode of vaginal Candidiasis at least once in their life time. Vaginitis can be due to many organisms and basically means an inflammatory condition of the vagina. It’s typically characterized by a vaginal discharge, an [...]

If a strong or foul odor is what you’re noticing in the vagina, you need to get an internal examination done immediately. And in case your doctor rules out infection because of foreign bodies, you may take natural supplements/ vitamins to cure problems from the inside. Perfumed products mustn’t be used internally at all and [...]