Can You Treat BV With Acidophilus? Acidophilus & Bacterial Vaginosis

If you’re searching for a natural cure for bacterial vaginosis, you may have run across acidophilus. Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the vagina. L. Acidophilus is a type of good bacteria that occurs naturally in the vagina. It’s also found in probiotic yogurts and supplements. Would it be possible to apply this yogurt as a cream for an effective home treatment for bacterial vaginosis?

First, we need to look at how an infection of bacterial vaginosis comes about. First, there is usually an imbalance in the vagina. This can be caused by a number of factors, such as a pH change or stress.Even your period can cause this imbalance. In bacterial vaginosis, the good bacteria decrease in number, while the bad bacteria increase. This leads to the infection, which causes a fishy odor, risk of miscarriage, risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, and other side effects.

The other intriguing fact in relation to this topic. In order to cure this imbalance, most doctors will prescribe a course of antibiotics. This kills all the bacteria in the vagina, both good and bad. Afterwards, as they regrow, you have no control over which one will become more numerous. So about 30% of women end up reinfected with bacterial vaginosis after treatment.

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Even so, some research has been done into whether probiotics containing acidophilus is an effective treatment, with positive results. The Mayo clinic found that many women experienced benefits by ingesting probiotic yogurt. That being said, it may not be for people with an imbalance in the bacteria in the intestines. If you have frequent stomach aches or diarrhea, you’ll want to avoid eating this type of yogurt.

If you are interested in treating your BV with acidophilus, you can do so in several ways. Some women have experienced limited success by eating the yogurt. A more powerful method to use acidophilus is to coat a tampon with plain probiotic yogurt and insert it. This introduces the bacteria directly into the vagina. If you have sensitive skin, avoid this method of treatment.

You can also get acidophilus in capsule form, although it tends to be more expensive. Even so, this is a more concentrated amount of the bacteria then you’ll find in the yogurt. If you apply this directly, only do so every few days until the infection clears up.

There are additional alternative methods to try if your skin is sensitive. Boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and herbal remedies have proven effective for many women.

If you want to learn more about naturally treating your bacterial vaginosis, please visit this site. Natural remedies can help you get rid of your bacterial vaginosis once and for all, without the side effects of antibiotics. For more information, please click here.



Yeast infection after treatment for bacterial vaginosis? Ok I was treated with oral flagyl for bv.. Now I’m pretty sure I’ve a yeast infection.. I’ve a thick white discharge. I’m itchy and sore. I called my ob/gyn she said flagyl can cause that and prescribed me two diflucan and mycolog cream. How long before I see results? Will I get bv back from taking the diflucan? I’vent had this problem in years until I switched to KY Jelly lubrication. I’m married and have no STD's. Any knowledge on this would be appreciated. Thanks


Bacterial Vaginosis – Bacterial Vaginosis Cure. I tried everything to get rid of my BV: endless antibiotics, countless douches, and every kind of homoeopathic cure there is. If I heard about something, I tried it.


I'm not sure if it's normal to cycle between BV and yeast but if you want to stop yeast infections from recurring you should check out a book called Natural Cures for Yeast Infection it uses natural remedies that cure infections at the root cause so your infection doesn't come back. Not sure if it’ll help with bv though. :) gail


Bacterial Vaginosis, Gardnerella Vaginitis Overview. Even though bacterial vaginosis may resolve without treatment, all women who have the condition should be treated to prevent complications.


Sounds like a yeast infection take monistat or you can wait it out…


You could be getting reinfected from your partner if you have one.The meds you have mentioned should be taking care of the problem.

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