Four Ways to Make Your Vagina Smell & Taste Better

Even if your vagina does not smell or taste bad, you may still want to improve it. Having a vagina that tastes and smells good makes you more confident during sex and feels healthier.

1. Proper hygiene While the inside of the vagina usually keeps itself clean, the outside can use a little help sometimes. Wash every day with a gentle, additive-free soap to keep your vagina fresh and smelling nice.

2. Shaving Whether or not to shave the pubic hair is a personal choice, and you should not do it if you feel uncomfortable with it. If you do not mind the idea however, consider that once that pubic hair is gone, things like sweat and stray urine droplets will not get trapped in the area. If you notice your vagina smells bad, it could be scents trapped in the hair and not the vagina itself. Shaving will also improve the taste of your vagina, much the same way as it improves smell.

Let me go forward with this article. 3. Flavored oils There are flavored massage oils available that can be used on the vagina to improve the taste and smell. These are only to be used during sex though, not during everyday activities. Still, if you are looking for a quick improvement in taste and smell for an intimate moment, massage oils are a good option. Make sure the kind you get is specifically intended for sex, and always test a small amount first so you know your vagina isn’t too sensitive for the product.

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4. Drinking juice Cranberry and pineapple juice have both been reported to improve the taste and scent of vaginal discharge. Cranberry juice naturally combats unhealthy bacteria in the urinary tract system, so this will help improve the smell of urine as well. Even if you only drink a glass of one of these juices a day, you can still see changes. The pineapple juice trick works for men too, so if you live with your partner, consider getting him to try it with you. If you notice a persistent bad vaginal smell, you may be suffering from some kind of infection, so see a doctor if these natural tips do not improve your condition.

Most of the tips to improve vaginal flavor and scent are about changes you make in your lifestyle, but there are products that can have the same effect simply by using them. These can help cleanse, tighten, and improve the vaginal flora. Along with this, they can help you get rid of a smelly vagina. I recommend using a product with natural ingredients and not harsh chemicals, because then there is nothing to lose from trying it. One of these products is Secret Ceres. It’s especially effective because instead of simply covering up a bad vagina smell or taste, it improves the conditions inside the vagina, making it smell and taste good naturally.



Reduce vaginal odors? Help!!? I want my boyfriend to eat me out; he tried once and he couldn't take it, and I think it's because I’ve a slight odor down there :/ any tips on how to help reduce the odor, or make it taste better even, would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


Natural Treatments For A Bad Vaginal Smell. Not everyone is comfortable talking about a bad vaginal smell. Even so, it’s sometimes necessary. Often times it can be bacterial vaginosis. This condition is


I think I know a product that might help you (I'm not a pitch-man or anything, just a guy helping you out).


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Pineapple juice!! I swear by it, drink it!! I know that whenever i drink a lot of pineapple juice, like a glass a day, my urine starts getting a pineapple-smell, and others have said when they get eaten out it doesnt taste bad and smells like pineapple..


What Can Cause Vaginal Odor After Menstrual Cycle? Womens health Question: What Can Cause Vaginal Odor After Menstrual Cycle? It’sn’t unusual for the flora in the vagina to be disturbed after your menstrual


You may have a bacterial infection. I would go to the obgyn. Its not normal for a odor. So you may have an infection of some sort, go get that checked out. Than im sure your boyfriend will have no problem. That's embarrassing im sure. Make an appt asap.


Get Rid Of Fishy Vaginal Odor | Vaginal Smell | Feminine Odor. How to Get Rid Of Vaginal Odors Naturally From The Comfort Of Your Home. Do not Let vaginal discharge odor Control You.


I used to gave vaginal odors and my doctor told me to use oatmeal soap…it's sold at drugstores and stuff just ask the worker….it gets rid of odors


The most common cause of vaginal odors is a yeast infection. If you have some discharge (white or yellow) along with the odor, this is probably the case. Treatment kits are fairly inexpensive and can be bought at most drug stores.


Don't worry about it.Have fun while your young


Here are a website I found regarding this issue and there are more as well as other sources of helpful information. I’m answering because I’ve left someone because of that problem(I know, not nice). But it really bothers me, hence an attempt to empathize. You have to find a way to talk to her about it and the sooner the better. Best of luck to both of you.

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