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Vaginal dryness is actually a type of vaginal infection. It’s mainly due to the declining oestrogen level. The problem of the dryness in the vagina can make you feel painful and itchy during sexual intercourse. This problem will happen to women at menopause stage or post menopause. On the other hand, it may also happen to women of other ages as well especially when they’re facing other factors like stress, medication or physical conditions. The fluctuating of the hormone levels can lead to bad bacteria or even fungi growing and this can result in vaginal yeast infection. Signs of vaginal yeast infection can also be pain, itch, unusual discharge, unpleasant odor and vulva redness or swelling.

Although vaginal dryness or yeast infections present minimum risk to your health, but you should treat this problem as early as possible. This problem may cause your life to feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. Sometimes, it may just turn into a chronic case that can bug you for months or even years. Some treatments like creams or lotions are easily available over the counter or alternatively you may choose to go for the home remedies for vaginal dryness. Home remedies are normally cheaper, safer and free from drugs.

Let us go forward with this brief article. Different kinds of remedies may suit different cases. Certain home remedies for vaginal dryness or yeast infection like applying yogurt or tea tree oil may work great for the itchiness. Other than all these, keeping the area dry and clean is also very important. Avoid wearing pants that are too heat trapping.

There are many great Home remedies for vaginal yeast infection. Get your instructions on How To get rid of the yeast infections forever.

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Red vagina and sore and itchy to the touch? My boyfriend is a mechanic and often has very dirty hands, he cleans them, but they still look so dirty. A few days ago, he fingered me and it made me sore so i told him to stop. A couple days ago, he ate me out and didn't finger me at all, and everything was fine. But then this morning my vagina felt weird and after wiping myself i noticed it itched, so i took my toilet paper and rubbed it vigorously on my vagina to make the itch go away, which it did. It didnt bother me at all today, but when i got home i noticed it was sore to the touch and really red. It only itches if i begin to itch it. I shaved this afternoon thinking maybe it was the prickly hair growing back that was bothering me, but it didnt seem to help. I’ve normal colored discharge, its a clearish milky color like normal, no yellow discharge or anything. I know for sure this isn't a uti.. Could it be because his mouth wasn't clean? I just dont understand because we did stuff 2 days ago and it just started bothering me today. But also, i ran out of toilet paper yesterday and had to use a towel a couple times because i forgot to get toilet paper. But i dont see how that would cause it to be itchy..? Any suggestions are welcome on what this could be and what i could use to help it. Also if anyone knows of ways to may sure to have clean hands and a clean mouth before doing anything, please tell away!! Thanks


Forums :: Sex :: after effects of having sex – itchy! – DivineCaroline. Never the less, when I’ve sex, for a few days afterwards I’m really itchy. Just around the opening. I am not itchy inside, but the opening to my vagina itches so bad I


Maybe you have a yeast infection? You should definitely talk to your gyno about this.


Vaginal Burning Itching | Vaginal Burning. To find out a lot extra concerning getting rid of vaginal burning itching, then i strongly recommend you study this useful guide.


It sounds like to me your vagina got itchy and then you scratched it too hard with toilet paper. I've done something simular. Try to keep yourself clean and don't hurt the delicate skin. You should be fine in no time. Those things heal up so fast!


Itchy Vaginal Sore Treatments, Causes | Vagina Blister Remedy. To soothe vaginal blister, dip a slightly damp cotton ball in some baking soda and apply over the affected areas. Application of cool tea bag


I think everything that a person could do wrong was done in this case. The dirty hands, the towel, the rubbing it too harsly. What you have is a yeast infection. It happens and is no biggy. It’s a pain in the butt. Well, not the butt but, you know what I mean. Go the the drug store and buy monistat 7 or similar product. It’s a cream and it comes with some inserts. Use it as indicated and the problem will go away. It also comes with a little tube. Have him put some on on the head of his pipi because if you have yeast infection and he had sex with you (penetration) he could get it too. Note that you’ll have to stay off sex while the treatment is ongoing. Again, this is not a big issue, and it’ll happen to you quite a few times in your lifetime. Especially true if you’re using antibiotics. No different than getting a sore throat or a stomach ache.


I don't think you have any sort of STD or STI. And I highly doubt he'd go through all that trouble to fake a Dr. Note. Anyway you might just have vaginitis, yeast or a Bacterial Infection. Sometimes when you have unprotected sex you can get fungus “bad bacteria” in the vagina which can cause an infection, therefore you get symptoms like vaginal itching and vaginal discharge. I think its most likely a yeast infection but If you go to the Dr they'll take a swab test and tell you exactly which it’s. They'll give you antibiotics that will help you clear it up! After it's gone make sure you're always using condoms to prevent doubts and of course all other consequences of unprotected sex. Oh and by the way those sort of infections don't just happen because of intercourse there are many other probable causes but it's mainly a lack of hygiene. By the way those of you whom said she shouldn't be having sex because of her age, get real. Most teens at this age aren’t only having intercourse but they've had it prior to turning 17. Instead of telling them don't do it recommend always using protection!


You have an Infection…..? Get to your Doctor ASAP.


You have the history of antibiotics taken .probably for some other cause.you haven’t specified it.some times suppression of causative factor may express their existence with the such symptoms.as they’re not properly digested.hence u take turmeric powder half spoon daily twice with milk or water.and wash the affected part by preparing decoction of d same turmeric (yellow) powder for a week for complete cure same time u also apply some anti candidia cream for sudden result.


You need to go to the doctor. I know how you feel. I’m nineteen and still don't like talking to my mom about health issues. I would just say I need to see a doctor because I think I’ve a rash. Don't give her all the details. Then at the doctors just ask to go in alone. If could be a yeast infection too.

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