How Do I Get Rid Of That Bad Odor? My Vagina Smells Really Bad

From time to time every woman experiences a foul-smelling odor from her vagina and most of the time there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, the products on the market that are supposed to eliminate the problem often tend to don’thing more than make it worse! The best piece of advice is to steer clear of all those douches and feminine deodorant sprays that can exacerbate bacterial vaginosis, the most common cause of foul vaginal odors.

There are some natural remedies which can be used to treat strong vaginal odors. First of all, you’ll want to bring your vaginal ph balance back to normal so don’t use any strong soaps. In fact, it’s recommended that you wash with clear warm water only. Secondly, eat plenty of yogurt! It may sound odd, but the reason your vagina smells so badly is because something has killed all the good bacteria and left the bad. Yogurt has active cultures that replace the good stuff and within a matter of days you’ll be surprised at the noticeable difference.

One additional helpful fact in relation to this issue. Lastly, try taking a bath with vinegar in the water. Nevertheless, some ladies cannot tolerate the smell of vinegar so there is a trick that you can use. Take one of those mustard or ketchup squeeze bottles that are sold in almost every grocery store. Dilute a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in warm water and rinse the vagina charge while sitting on the toilet every time you go to the bathroom. Vinegar will restore the ph balance and in no time the bad odor will disappear.

Tired of suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis? Read what you can do if your Vagina Smells and you can’t seem to get rid of the stench.



Vaginal smells related to antibiotics? I'm a transman (female to male) and I’ve had problems with vaginal odor since starting hormones. I’ve asked people about trying douching, but everyone tells me it’s more harmful than anything. I recently got a sinus infection and was prescribed antibiotics. A few days after taking the antibiotics, my ladyfriend noticed that the offending odor was pretty much gone. (it still smelled like a normal vagina, just minus the offensive odor) Is there anything I can do to mimic the change in ph that resulted from taking the antibiotics?


Strong vaginal odor? | BabyCenter. I have been having strong vaginal odors and I’ve no idea why?!? I am almost twenty-three weeks and am so embarrassed by the smell, I feel so disgusting


The change in hormone levels might have made you more susceptible to a vaginal infection like bacterial vaginosis (source of the bad odor). The antibiotics might have had the added benefit of clearing up that infection – hopefully you can remain infection free. If the offending odor returns – go to the OB/GYN and tell them what happened with the previous antibiotics and get another course of them. Good luck!


If the odor starts after your shower, could you be using any scented body washes or antibacterial soap to wash your vagina? Using scented soaps or body wash can irritate your vagina and cause vaginal infection or yeast infections. Tight clothes and undies can also be a contributing factor in you experiencing vaginal odor. One home remedy you can try is yogurt. The “good” bacteria (specifically Lactobacillus) present in yogurt has been found to be helpful in restoring the acidic pH balance in the vagina and the prevention of genital yeast infection both of which are cause for bad vaginal odor. You can also to find out about other remedies at:


First of all, 'silvre' is a fuckwit… Don’t put yogurt anywhere but in your mouth; otherwise you’re just asking for trouble. I apologize for the bluntness of my last sentance, but seriously… People should give legit advice on here. My advice would be to try a different soap, and maybe wash more frequently? I think it has to do with the type of foods that are eaten, but i'm not a doctor so i could be totally wrong :p sorry that i wasn't very helpful, the main reason i wanted to answer is so that you don't take Silvre's advice!!!


Oh gross, she needs to clean her vagina! Wiping between the legs or letting water run over that area doesn't do it! She actually needs to clean there. She obviously isn't doing it thoroughly when in the shower. Alllthoughhh!!! Sometimes it can be an infection. Like a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. You should bring it up to her. It's only fair to her if you do. You may be helping her out, you never know. EDIT: There are special soaps she can use called vaginal odor removal methods. She also needs to be aware of her diet. That can effect the smell. She should wear cotton panties. NEVER use vaginal deodorant.


Vaginal odors are actully very common in women, vaginal odor is typically from inflammation of the vaginal area. Inflammation of the vaginal area is often a result of infection in or around the vagina. It can also be caused by prefusive sweating in the vaginal area. Masterbating can cause a bit of smell. There are different ways to clear up your smell, but the one thing you should make sure to do everyday is to make sure you wash yourself very well, twice a day, also if the odor continues you can go to your local drug stores, where thay have different cream, powders or pills, to prevent these odors from comming back. I hope this helped:), good luck


I need to wash in there. It won't get infected!!!! U need to like scrub in there. If it still smells bad after that, u might have a serious infection.


You have to cut your vagina's hair every day, this is a common problem in females.


How don’t know if he came inside of you.. Did you wash and did he wash before? Fishy smells happen for alot of reasons.. Could have BV that can give off a fishy smell…But You should get tested to be safe.


Jesus , ur getting tuned on and wet have a shower or summit after each time u get frisky i mean really


Looks like Candida Albicans infection (fungal infection). The treatment is easy so don't worry.


There's usually a NURSE in the examination room (by law). Your Mother has no rights to be in there. Actually, they prefer Mom's NOT to be in there so they can ask private and important questions to the patient. If Mom's were in there, patients would tend to lie due to embarrassment, etc, and can cause a problem or delay in necessary treatment. You need to make an appt to see your Doctor.

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