How to Prevent Vaginal Dryness in Younger Women

Vagina dryness commonly occurs in menopausal women, although women in general suffer from this condition at some point in their lives when they’re younger. There are several factors that can cause a dry vagina, and these include decreased estrogen production in the vaginal area, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and a stressful sexual relationship. Symptoms include itching in the vaginal area and pain during sexual intercourse. This type of condition can easily be treated, although there are some cases when it can be permanent especially if estrogen production is greatly reduced. Below are some tips to prevent aridity in the vaginal area:

Change your diet to something healthier instead of the usual fast-food and microwaveable meals that most people are partial to. An imbalanced diet can cause the hormones in the body to function abnormally, so you may want to start eating right if you want to prevent or treat vagina dryness. Vegetables and fruits should always be included in your daily meals as these help balance the production of the body’s hormones and contribute to a healthier vagina through the proper production of estrogen.

You need to study this short article properly, the matter and the techniques have a number of differences. Avoid using harsh soaps and douches, as these strip away the vagina’s natural moisture. Douching is the leading cause of vaginal dryness in younger women as it tends to strip away the natural lining inside the vaginal wall and decreases estrogen. Only mild soaps should be used when cleansing the vagina especially after intercourse.

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Since aridity in the vagina is caused by an imbalance in estrogen levels, it may be best if you start doing exercises to improve blood circulation and hormonal production in the body. Women who incorporate exercise and good eating habits into their lifestyles are less likely to have vaginal dryness than those who do not.

Use non-irritating lubricants during sexual intercourse to eliminate the pain in the vaginal area. There are a lot of lubricants that can be bought over the counter these days, but avoid using petroleum jelly because this destroys the vagina’s natural lining, thereby doing more harm than good. Petroleum jelly also damages several types of contraceptives such as latex condoms and diaphragms, so you might want to avoid it altogether during intercourse.

Should you suffer from intolerable pain or bleeding because of the dryness in the vagina, immediately consult your doctor. There are treatments and medications available for aridness in the vagina which he or she can prescribe to help you with your condition. In spite of this, vaginal dryness can just be a manifestation of another more serious condition, and doctors can order tests to be done to determine that possibility.

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Why is my vagina itchy? For the past few days my vagina has been itchy and irritated, I’vent shaved in a while so i know its not that. It doesnt itch constantly but alot of times a day, and when i touch it. I’vent had sex with my boyfriend and his privates have only touched over my knickers. Ive read about and most say it would be a yeast infection, but I’m on my period but i can see no signs of “cottage cheese” discharge. Im only sixteen so is there any natural ways like around the house that could get rid of this without any pills or doctors, thankyou


You might wanna go to the doctors, but if that’sn't an option you should go to your local Target or Walmart of something and get creams and Vagisal or whatever that vaginal soap is called. Drink lots of cranberry juice too!


Wash gently with plain water and continue using the vagisil on the OUTSIDE ONLY.


This is probebly thrush, a ichy feeling that wont go away, to help it, tell your mum and ask if you could go and get 1% clotrimazole cream and apply on wear ichy 2-3 times a day, if after a few days your still itchy, get one that’s a little stronger. Just ask your doctor first. :) Good luck! Xx


Use Aveeno lotion to soothing when itch is present. When hair grows it itches especially on the top (pubic area) not so much down on the lips.


It can be from not keeping it clean. After i pee i always get a baby wipe and i wipe myself. Or if you have shaved, this can also cause itching. Or if it’s some kind of infection (not necessarily a yeast infecting) you should to the clinic and see if you can get prescription lotion. So, i suggest after you pee use baby wipes. This really does help and you feel clean. Change your underwear every night.


It sound like you may have a yeast infection


Don's scratch the itchy parts. Thats the worst thing to do. You have to see a doctor before things get worse. If you're shy, ask them for a female doctor so you can express your feelings thoroughly.


I think its the shaving if it keeps happening , visit a doctor


You most likely have a yeast infection. I'm twelve and I had a little itch there and my mom just gave me some creams. So if it's not a yeast infection, use creams. Or, just wash yourself there. You're probably filthy down there and that's why it's itchy.


You might have a yeast infection and need medication… Go to the dr tomorow.

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