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It does make you self-conscious, embarrassed, and makes you do things which will cause you more worsen your smelly vagina instead of treating it. While suffering from vaginal odor there are a number of things you can do to treat the problem.

Now pay attention to this- please understand that your smelly vagina is not caused by you being unclean. It’s merely an indication of something not being right in the vagina. It indicates that there is an imbalance of the naturally occurring good and bad bacteria in the vagina. Hence please don’t try to mask the vaginal odor by using scented soaps, perfumes, or douches.

Washing the vagina with plain water twice a day is more than enough. However ensure that you dry it out completely.

A few other things that you can do are

A) try to be without underwear whenever possible- this is something you can do especially at night while retiring for bed. This will enable your vagina to breathe better.

B) wear only cotton underwear which will absorb well and ensure proper air circulation in the vaginal area. In the absence of air, moist conditions actually encourage the growth of bacterial responsible for the vaginal odor

C) till your vaginal smell reduces or disappears completely wear skirts instead of pants or jeans.

D) to increase the count of good bacteria and eliminate the bad bacteria responsible for your smelly vagina make use of probiotic yogurt and craneberry juice.

You need to go through this information with great care, the situation and the methods have a number distinctions. By doing all of the above you’re basically making it difficult for the harmful bacteria to stay and multiply in your body. Once the bad bacteria get eliminated you’ll get rid of your smelly vagina. By following these simple tips you can remain odor free at all times.

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Smelly vagina and clear thick discharge…? So, I know this may sound gross but its been going on for about two 1/2-3 years and idk what to do about it. Everyday I take a shower but yet my vagina smell bad and this gooey clear/white stuff is left in my underwear. I'm 13, never had sex, and idt they’re signs of a yeast infection so idk like what it’s…its been going on for way to long. I do shave down there and I do swaet a lot down there but idt that's why its like that…its imberrasing so I do usually wear a lot of perfume! It gets so bad that I’ve to take a shower everyday! I want to make it go away! HELP!!!!


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Sounds like BV (bacterial vaginosis). It’s when your vagina gets “out-of-whack”. You NEED to go to a doctor and since you’re thirteen you’ll need your mom to go with you.


True Story : How I Overcame My Smelly Vagina. Cecilia Ross’s story on how she overcame her smelly vagina.


Vaginal Discharge How to Stop Bacterial Vaginosis Vagina. The recurring problem of dealing with smelly vaginal discharge can be irritating. Bacterial infection in the vagina can really cause odor and


Smelly Vaginal Discharge :Healthy Living Spot. Smelly Vaginal Discharge Do you know that the vagina is an important part of the body and can be referred to as the gateway in and out of the body? What can.


It’s possible that you may have a bacteria vaginosis infection. The men's semen can alter the Ph balance in the vagina and cause an overgrowth of bacterial) and this type of infection can cause a “fishy” type odor. It doesn’t always produce a discharge. This infection usually requires a prescription medication (you can’t purchase it over the counter) If possible, see your doctor to check if this bacteria is present. Hope this helps.


First off, ignore the advice about the “Summer's Eve” that someone else mentioned. Douching is TERRIBLE for a woman's health and is not a real solution to your problem. It’s in fact likely to make things even worse, even if it temporarily solves the problem. What you want is to treat this problem. What you really should do is see a doctor, or even better, a gynecologist. You could request a female dr or gyn if you would be more comfortable with that. You might find it embarrassing to talk to someone else about this at first, but keep in mind that that’s the job of a gynecologist. They’re likely to have literally have seen hundreds of other women with the exact same problem as you, if not worse. This sounds like something that’s chronic, and I don't think you’ll be able to solve it on your own. So please look into seeing someone who’s professionally trained to deal with this! A moment of embarassment or discomfort will be worth it to never have to deal with this again, don't you think? :)


Hi, i'm a boy but my GF has a smelly vagina too and her vagina is hairy so i dont think that having a bush there is going to help! I think is normal in some woman to be like that! So don't worry if you’re like that besides you have a BF and as i see he likes with your smeely toy so dont worry! Baby Powder maybe can work try it!!!!


Get another opinion. And shower and bath a lot. Preemptive measures before sex?

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