Tips To Control Vaginal Discharge

The vaginal discharge in women is a very common process and it occurs when glands inside the reproductive organs secretes the fluid naturally and discharges it through vagina. This vaginal discharge is a normal and natural function of women body system which keeps the vagina clean and healthy.

One must observe the color, texture and odor of discharge to check whether there is any infection or not. If vaginal discharge is due to some internal infection it would turn out to be smelly otherwise normal discharge is in clear color and milky texture. The amount of discharge mainly depends upon the hormonal activities along with changes that take place during women menstruation cycle. Other reasons that can affect this discharge are stress, illness and medications.

Please make sure to study this content properly, the problem and the results have quite a lot of differences. To control vaginal discharge and prevent the chances infection, one should always go for the option of cotton panties and panty liners. The cotton texture will absorb the discharge easily and keep the surface of cloth cool. Moreover the panty liners will keep you dry and smelling fresh all day. If the flow of discharge is heavy, Change the panty liners. Always keep in mind to make use of fragrance free panty liners only.

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Use feminine wash and warm water to clear the vaginal area in order to prevent any infection chances. Stick to unscented feminine wash to avoid the occurrence of allergic reactions from artificial additives. Also avoid the use of colorful toilet papers to wipe off vagina as they can aggravate the chances of irritation in vagina since they contains artificial dyes. Only go for white toilet papers!

Also keep in mind that the use of vaginal deodorants and sprays worse the vaginal condition, so say big ‘no’ to them. Remember that if the discharge is smelly then make sure to consult the doctor to seek the right medication.

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Eat more fruits and veggies (stuff in them make that smell and taste better) drink more water or juices (same effect). Wash daily maybe even 2x b4 bed and when u wake up if you don't have time take a shower that day. Showering daily helps. Don't douche that’sn't good for you, some feminine cleansing wipes work i love saint eve. Use b4/during and after period. Also b4 sex and after. When you have sex if you’re wash b4 and after. Don't use scented soaps (they can irritate and make u smell and dry out), if non of this works that it can be a chemical in balance in your body. Talk to your doc about it. Its nothing to be embarrassed about at all. A lot of woman have this issue some more than others. Would u answer mine its about what hair color i should pick ; thanks


It might be an infection that u have, its very common to get them being pregnant. Normally discharge shouldnt have a smell to it.


You need to use more than water to wash. Use a mild soap, like Ivory, and soap up and rinse really well. Mild shampoo would work, too. Report Abuse


Sorry the only way to make it stop is to have a complete hysterectomy, just kidding what you’re experiencing is the bodies natural cleaning , provided you have no other complaints such as strong oder or irritation, at times it can seem worse if it's a problem use a panty liner wear only cotton crouched panties, the increase of discharge may be because of feminine hygiene products or other assaults from a product you may be using such as non cotton panties


It's probably discharge since you mentioned there wasn't any itching or soreness and it has just dried onto your underwear (turning it white). I suggest you buy some pantyliners because they’ll make it much fresher. Discharge is usually a sign your period is coming soon, but don't worry just make sure you carry a pad around with you just in case you do start. It probably won't start off as a heavy period, the discharge will just turn brown as an indiction your period is on it's way. It took me about a year or so to ajust to my period, like judging when it’ll arrives, dealing with cramps etc but you get used to it and it's just turns into another inconvenience you have to deal with i'm afraid! But seriously stop stressing!!


That doesn't sound right but just go see your doctor


Discharge doesn't just go away. It’s possible that you could have a yeast infection. It’s also possible that that’s simply how you naturally discharge in which case you may want to use a thin pantyliner.

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