Why Does My Vagina Smell? Pinpointing the Source of the Problem

Are you one of the many women who ask the question “Why does my vagina smell bad?” An unpleasant odor in the vagina is not an uncommon occurrence in women. Unfortunately, this does not make it any less embarrassing. Most of the time, the unpleasant odor also comes with discomfort and itchiness. When you are experiencing this, it is wise for you to see a gynecologist. You could be suffering from yeast infection.

In spite of this, you cannot go up to the doctor and just ask, “Why does my vagina smell bad?” could you? However, you can tell him/her about your medical history. Most women who are diabetic, pregnant, or who have low immune systems suffer from vaginal yeast infection, which causes unpleasant odors. Sometimes, vaginitis is also wrongly diagnosed as a simple case of yeast infection, so it is really not recommended for you to self medicate.

You need to evaluate this information very cautiously, the case and the techniques have several different versions. Vaginal yeast infection can also be indirectly caused by unprotected sexual intercourse. Ironically enough, some cases are also caused by the vagina‘s incompatibility to the contraceptives used. Some condoms have chemicals in their lubricants, which can promote the growth of fungus in the infection vagina. It is best to reveal all of this information to your gynecologist during your consultation.

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While infections caused by yeast is not considered a sexually transmitted disease exclusively, this does not discount the fact that women with the infection can end up infecting their partners as well. When you have a smelly discharge coming from your vagina, it is best to withhold sex first until you are absolutely sure that your infection isn’t contagious, or that sexual contact will not aggravate the problem.

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My girlfriend's vagina and juices smell bad. Is that normal? It's a strong, fishy smell. And it doesn't come off when I wash my hands. I feel bad that I'm kind of repulsed by it. Is that normal?


Smelly vagina’s psychosis. | Herbs Vaginosis – Cure for Vaginal. The Absurdity of The Smelly VaginaSmelly


No, it's a sign of vaginitis. It's very common, but it needs attention. She can either see her doctor about it, or try some common home remedies. Try the site below. In the mean time, abstain. No sense in making it worse for her.


Brown smelly dicharge from my vagina? >> Medical Questions, Weight. Im really worried i started taking the pill three months ago and everything is fine but in the last week I’ve been getting all this smelly


No it’s not normal, have her stuff. Maybe don't go down there for awhile.


Why does my vagina smell fishy? . Seventeen hours ago Smelly vagina? Uh oh. Let’s take care of that with a few quick steps.


Vaginal odor can be caused by several factors. The most common cause is vaginal bacterial overgrowth known as bacterial vaginosis, which has a “fishy” or “musty” smell. “Fishy” smells can also result from vaginal infections, such as trichomonas vaginalis, and, in some women, from semen in the vagina. The vagina could also smell “yeasty” because of vaginal yeast overgrowths. While yeast infections are common causes of vaginal discharge, they don’t generally cause a “fishy” odor. Cotton underwear is recommended because the synthetic underwear, pantyhose, tights, and spandex exercise clothes don’t allow air to circulate around the vulva (the outer lips of the vagina). A moist environment promotes overgrowths of normal skin bacteria that could cause vaginal odor. The offender is usually an infection called “gardnerella” which causes bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is treatable with one of 2 medicines by prescription only: metronidazole or clindamycin. The following are possible causes of Vaginal odor: Vaginal discharge Normal vaginal odor Vaginal infection Foreign body in vagina (gauze or glove from surgery, etc..) Forgotten tampon Menstrual cycle Lodged contraceptive device Sensitivity to odor (you smell yourself but nobody else does) Vaginal cancer Cervix cancer Uterine cancer Bowel cancer Things to stay away from: Don't use antiperspirants, deodorant tampons, and powders with talc or perfumes or other feminine hygiene ingredients, because they can be irritating.


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Is the previous time smell bad also or just this time around ? I'll think is abnormal, better to ask her to consult a doctor. Meantime, you also need to monitor yourself because you never know ?


Itchy smelly vagina help wanted FunAdvice.com. My vagina smells so bad like fish and it itches like crazy after having A: . ..But nine… …I dun know if you have AIDS or not…but what I call tell you


Its normal if your girlfriend is a tuna, otherwise no


It might be either you diet or a yeast infection which is caused by your diet. If you go to your doc they can help. But im just a dude with random information so…i heard cranberry juice helps with yeast infections…my current gf has/had that problem but got ride of it.


I'm no expert – but it sounds like thrush – a fungal infection. Do you itch also? Go your pharmacy and ask for an over-the-counter remedy.

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